Global G-2 8-inch, 20 cm Chef’s Knife – Review

Sleek, light, and ultra-modern, I’m a big fan of the Global line.  I’m especially fond of this knife. It handles beautifully and it has an exquisite blade. The Global G-2 chef’s knife is a great addition to any serious cook’s toolbox, and it gets a whole-hearted recommendation from me.

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Knife Features

Global is a renowned Japanese knife manufacturer. Their line of kitchen knives has received celebrity endorsements. They even warrant a short section in Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential, where they get rave reviews from Bourdain, a chef who became an author and travel host (while still remaining a chef, at least for a while).

Unlike many knives I’ve reviewed here, the Global knives are made of stainless steel (not high-carbon stainless). Not that you would notice. Between construction and high molybdenum and vanadium contents, the blade still takes on a wicked edge. In fact, the edge is ground a sharper angle than many European blades.

In an effort to offset the different qualities of the steel, Global’s G-2 knife has a much longer edge profile than many other knives.  This gives the blade a very sharp edge that holds its sharpness longer than a smaller edge. This differently ground edge needs some special maintenance, however, even compared to other Japanese-style knives.

This knife is incredibly lean and light. Like many Japanese cook’s knives, there is no finger guard.  Unusually, however, there isn’t a bolster either. In fact, the handle itself is an extension of the blade, the whole knife being one continuous piece of steel.

The handle is dimpled to prevent slipping, however, and it’s significantly smaller than the typical European-style knife. It’s also hollow to maintain the knife’s balance, and it’s an exceptionally well-balanced knife. Comparing it to many other blades, it was one of the best balanced and most comfortable to put through its paces.


Weight – This knife is a truly elegant tool. It’s ridiculously light, almost airy, which makes it perfect for long stretches of prep work or delicate knife work. And it’s also a great choice for anyone with smaller hands or a smaller upper body.

Cleaning – The blade and handle are completely seamless, which makes this knife much easier to keep clean. Like most good knives it’s recommended to wash it by hand, but it’s a much simpler process.

The Look – This knife has an ultra-modern, minimalist look and feel. It works great as a tool, but it’s beautiful design makes it a great knife to be seen as well. It may not suit all design sensibilities, especially the more rustic tastes, but I love the almost space-age look of the Global line of knives.


High Maintenance – Besides the hand washing, the acute edge of this knife requires some extra attention to keep sharp. Special guides and sharpeners are recommended by the manufacturer. Also, a metal honing steel isn’t good for this knife, so Global also recommends either a ceramic or a diamond honing steel.

Click here for some of their recommended sharpening and honing tools.

Delicate – The Global knives are light and have a very slender blade.  There isn’t any reinforcement to the heel, either, so these knives aren’t the best suited to heavy-duty chopping and definitely not for disjointing meat or working with thick bones.

A Very Straight Edge – Though sharp and elegant, the edge of the G-2 chef knife by Global is very straight.  This doesn’t give it the same roll as other similarly sized knives.  Depending on your technique, this could change how you do certain chopping and dicing tasks.


As one of my favorite chef’s knives, the Global G-2 chef’s knife gets a strong recommendation. I was very impressed with this knife in every possible way, and it will make a great addition to your kitchen. It does need a little extra TLC to hold that super-fine edge, but this particular utensil is well worth the effort.

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